Aaliyah | Rock The Boat (Acapella)
Listening to this as an acapella has given me a new love for this song.


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"Why is it in some TV shows/movies, company logos are blurred out on products while on other shows, the logos are shown."

They need permission to use and trademarked or copyrighted logo or symbol. If they don’t have permission they could get sued because of the possible negative reaction. For example, if I make a movie about neo-nazis and they all drive toyotas and use apple computers I could get used because people could assume that those two companies support nazism.


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"What separates a DJ from anyone with a laptop and an ear for music?"

Mixing and blending songs is not easy at all. I know now they have all sorts of computer programs that do it for you but back in the day, it was just 2 turntables and a few crates. Being able to seamlessly blend songs together is difficult it took me about a year before i was comfortable blending songs without stopping. So what i look for in a good DJ is basically not knowing that the mix is even happening. Or using creativity to go from one song to the next. Just having a playlist and hitting play aint being a DJ. Also having an ear for music that people want to hear, reading the audience to keep the energy going.


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"What actually happens when I listen to music?"

It’s because the human brain is constantly looking for structure and patterns. Music is a great example of that. We hear structure in what were listening to so it stimulates our brain and gives us a sense of well being or a good feeling. If there is no structure in what we hear (construction workers using multiple machines at once) for example. It comes off as annoying and does the opposite effect. Your brain is trying to make a pattern to the noise but it can’t so it’s a negative emotional response. Hope this helps.


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"Why is it that I can seemingly eat what I want, do practically no exercise and stay slim, while others eat well and exercise and struggle to keep weight off?"

Because you eating what you want is less than what other people that are fat want. Skinny people overestimate their calorie intake and fat people do the opposite. It is why calorie tracking is important. People are horrible at estimating calories and exercise.

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"Why is non-resident college tuition so much higher than resident college tuition in the US?"

You pay taxes in a state and the colleges and residents of that state benefit directly and indirectly from those taxes.

Going to school out of state means that you’re benefiting from others’ tax money. The only way to compensate for that or keep it from being abused is to charge more for out-of-state students.


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"Why do things go on sale?"

To move inventory, either to clear way for more (like next model cars), or prompt more purchasing. Also: to bring publicity to the store.

In general, it’s better to sell 3 items and make $1/item then it is to only sell 1 item and make $2/item.


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"How has YouTube managed to stay alive despite having obvious copyright violations up the wazoo?"

YouTube has ‘common carrier’ status. What that means is they’re not liable for the content that people upload, as long as they respond to DMCA takedown requests (which they do).

The onus is on the copyright holders to find and report infringing content. But it’s a lost cause because of the sheer volume of uploads.


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"Why exactly is the economy in a bad shape, and what can we do to make it better?"

1.        Don’t push your kids to go to college for the sake of going to college. (less student debt)

2.        Guide your kids (and yourself) to getting the proper education to find a job that’s in demand. (Less unemployment)

3.        Start a business and employ people

4.        Buy domestic

5.        Live within your means


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